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Written for [community profile] the_losers_2010 Inaugural Commentfic Party.

The Losers, slash Clay/Roque, pre-slash Jensen/Cougar (if you choose to see it that way!)
Written for the prompt: Roque/Clay - "I am not the mom--there is no mom here!" left by [personal profile] missmollyetc

It starts out with Jensen - but, then, doesn't it always?

From the moment the kid joins the team, it's all sly innuendo and chatchatchat and muttered comments to Cougar, Pooch and…well, anyone that’ll hold still long enough for Jensen to expound on his fucking insane theories.

And, okay, maybe Roque’s the one who has to keep Clay in line (‘cause, God knows, that man has the most unfortunate timing when it comes to getting his dick out…the most unfortunate taste too – Amber…Amber’s husband…Emma…the list goes on and on and fucking on) but that doesn’t mean he’s, y’know, the wife of this fucked up little whatever that they’ve got going on.

And maybe Clay’s the unofficial father figure of their screwed up little team-slash-family unit. The one who constantly gets Cougs and Jensen out of trouble after Jensen’s mouth runs away from him in a bar and Cougs jumps in to stop Jensen’s head from being smashed in; the one who moves things around to make sure Pooch is always home stateside for Jolene’s birthday and their anniversary.

And, yes, the others (mostly Jensen…actually, pretty much always Jensen) use Roque as a go between when Clay’s in one of his fucking moods because God knows Roque’s not afraid of that pussy motherfucker (most times, anyway, and he wouldn’t admit to the very rare occasion that he is).

And maybe Roque likes getting fucked – likes it best when it’s Clay doing the fucking, when it’s Clay’s gun-callused hands on him and Clay’s thick fingers inside him and Clay’s mouth on his dick and Clay making him curse and threaten and beg – but that sure as fuck doesn’t mean he’s the woman in this relationship. And if Jensen makes one more crack about ‘mommy and daddy fighting again’ or Roque being their den-mother (although he really, really is some days, seems like, because someone has to keep this bunch in line), well then…

Ah, screw Jensen anyway. Boy’s about as crazy as a bedbug and can’t even see what’s right in front of him in the shape of one silent-but-deadly sniper. What’s Jensen know about anything?

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