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Title: Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer
Author: [personal profile] merry_gentry
Fandom: TV - Leverage
Pairing/Characters: Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison pre-slash, Parker, Sophie
Rating: 12/15, for allusions to kissing
Word Count: 1,131 - according to Word
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: So...yeah. It's been a while, hasn't it? This is just a one-shot. Summer camp!AU, boys being dense, Parker hanging around upside down, mention of long-suffering!Nate.

Summary: Alec doesn't really care because Eliot's over there with his hair pulled back and still managing to look hot in the dorky camp-compulsory helmet and harness.

Eliot Spencer works high ropes, low ropes, the Tower, OSS (which Alec doesn't really understand but which has something to do with a) mud, and b) eating and sleeping in the rain, far off from any form of civilisation, and so he doesn't really want to know) and he does beginner’s self-defence in the Wigwam hut when it's raining. He's also great with kids, subs in at the pool when they need an extra lifeguard, spends his free time helping out down at the stables...and he's really hot.

It might be that last point that's captured Alec's attention more than anything else.

"Like if the Rock and Vin Diesel had a lovechild, only shorter. And with hair. And a kick-awesome accent," Alec says to Parker. She's hanging upside down from one of the high platforms doing...something. Alec doesn't really care because Eliot's over there with his hair pulled back and still managing to look hot in the dorky camp-compulsory helmet and harness.

"You're staring," Parker says, still hanging upside down. "Are you trying to kill him with your mind, 'cause Sophie said I'm not allowed to do that anymore in front of the kids and Eliot's really nice, anyway. I don't think you should kill him with your mind." She does some kind of flippy thing and abseils down quickly to land near Alec. "You probably shouldn't kill him in any way. Nate'll probably yell a whole lot at you and get a migraine. And then he won't let us have ice cream at the party this weekend."

Alec had switched his gaze from Eliot (muscles, tight T-shirt, unf) to Parker mid-ramble and now he's staring up at her.

"What? No. What? You're a very strange person," he says, shaking his head a little to try to dislodge the Parker-logic from his brain. He needs his brain. Preferably in one piece.

"I know," Parker says, grinning a little unrepentantly. She probably takes comments about her sanity (or lack thereof, a little voice at the back of Alec's mind mutters) as compliments.

"I tell her that every day," Eliot says from just behind Alec, what the fucking frack. Alec had just been getting up but Eliot's sudden appearance (seriously, he had been all the way over the other side of the clearing two seconds ago) makes Alec's attempts at rising to his feet while making use of the meagre amount of co-ordination he actually has turn into a mad, flailing scramble away. His Nana says he'll grow into his arms and legs and his latest (and hopefully last) growth spurt one day and that he just has to be patient, but Alec thinks that's a crock of shit. He'd say as much out loud but his Nana would wash his mouth out with soap, even if he is twenty – or very nearly twenty, which is practically the same thing.

Besides, even if she's right, he's still stuck with his ridiculous limbs that make flailing even more dangerous than it should be for everyone around him.

When his heart's calmed down from 'heart attack imminent' to 'merely terrified', Alec's hearing rushes back and he can hear the campers giggling. He flings himself back dramatically and wiggles a little to get comfortable on the twig-strewn dirt. Being a counsellor means acting like a complete goof at times – it's fortunate that acting like a goof comes somewhat naturally to Alec.

"I'm gettin' you a bell," Alec says, looking up at Eliot. "You've killed me. Scared me right into an early grave. Here lies Alec Hardison. He was awesome and totally would have been a great science officer on the Enterprise."

"If you're dead," Eliot says, reaching down to grab him and yank Alec back to his feet – the man is ridiculously strong in all the best ways Alec thinks, a little hysterically. Also, hands. Hands touching him – "then how're you gonna buy me a bell?"

"Good point. I'll expire and breathe my last later," Alec decides, and thanks God that it's not obvious when he blushes. Eliot's not exactly short, but he's shorter than Alec. It makes Alec wonder about how they'd go about kissing. Which, nope. Thoughts of kissing should be put aside until, oh, never. He reluctantly moves away from Eliot and claps his hands together. "Thanks, man. Right, so...swimming. Pool," he says to his campers as they cluster around him like so many little ducklings.

"But Alec," one of them starts, and Alec knows who it is without even looking.

"Pool, Johnny. Swimming. It's good for you."

"Drinking other people's pee is not good for me," Johnny mutters, but he goes to gather his stuff anyway.

"Eliot and Alec, k-i-s-s-i-n-g," Parker sing-songs under her breath as she passes to go collect the harnesses and coo over them. Parker is weird.

Beside Alec, Eliot chuckles and Alec wants to just die from the embarrassment of it all. He's going to kill Parker and string her up from the Tower as an example to anyone who dares cross Alec Hardison…

"Maybe later, if you can beat me at poker tonight," Eliot says under the noise of twelve kids running around. He ghosts past Alec to go and help Parker and, yeah, okay, that was definitely Eliot's hand on his ass.

...He's going to find some way to make Parker the Queen of everything if this pans out.

Alec collects his miscreant campers and delivers them to the pool in one piece, well aware that he's grinning like a maniac the whole way there. Sophie comes to meet them and takes one look at Alec and says 'oh' in an entirely too-knowing tone.

"What?" Alec says. There's a small chance that he'll be able to bluff his way out of this...

"Tommy," Sophie calls as the kids are hurrying towards the changing rooms. One of them turns around and waits a little impatiently. "What activity did you just have?"

"High ropes. Eliot's awesome," Tommy says with a wide grin before running off.

"No running near the pool!" Sophie yells after him out of ingrained habit and she looks smug when she turns back to torture Alec.

"Damn your witchy, British, womanly ways," Alec says, glaring half-heartedly, and Sophie laughs and pats him on the shoulder.

"Camp-inappropriate language, darling," she chides as she steers him over to the shaded area and the huge water canteen. She's still giggling over how dense Alec is and what an awesome couple he and Eliot will make when his kids come pouring out of the changing room five minutes later. Alec ignores her and settles down with the battered deck of cards that he keeps in his backpack. He usually uses them to amuse the kids but right now he's got his poker skills to brush up on for later on.

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