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Title: Five Kisses
Author: Katty, aka [personal profile] merry_gentry
Fandom: Priscilla
Pairing: Tick/Adam - Slash
Rating: PG/Pg-13 - rated for kissage, nothing more.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they do not belong to me. They do conjure up rather pretty images in one's mind, though, don't they? ^_^
Author's Notes: Mainly? Because I am the sappiest sap that ever did sap. Spoilers for the whole film.

First posted on LJ on 2nd November 2008

Summary: Does pretty much what it says on the tin - five times Tick and Adam kissed.

The first time they kiss it’s Adam who starts it, naturally. Way back before that bus ride he corners Tick as the older man comes off stage, both of them still dressed up as Mitzi and Felicia. Adam pushes Tick back against the wall and presses up against him, smashing their mouths together. It’s not pretty, and it’s painful – the way their teeth crash together, and before they break apart Tick can taste blood in his mouth.

Then Adam’s pulled away and Tick watches, dumbfounded, as Adam peers into a mirror and sorts his now-smudged lipstick before turning, blowing Tick a kiss and then flouncing on stage like he owns the place. To be fair, Adam is getting better at performing – the young man’s only been doing this for a two months, but he’s a natural.


The second time they kiss, it’s all Adam’s fault again. Tick’s just put the phone down, and Adam’s swayed over on his heels, minus the wig by now, but still in that hideous beaded dress and thong. He falls into the chair nest to Tick and holds Tick’s gaze in the mirror as the older man looks up, his mascara running and his lippy smudged.

“You alright, Mitz?” Adam asks, very serious for once. Tick’s silent as the noisy queens mill around them.

“No.” He says finally.

Adam stays silent, biting his bottom lip as he flicks his gaze nervously over Tick, settling on the other man’s mouth. Slowly he leans in, one hand coming out to tug Tick to face him. Unlike their first kiss, this one’s soft, almost delicate as Adam brushes his lips over Tick’s mouth.

When they break apart this time, Adam stays close, only a few centimetres away from Tick, and his hand comes up to try to wipe away some of the racoon markings.

“Come to Alice Springs with me?” Tick has no idea why he asks, but the question slips out anyway.

“What the merry fuck’s in Alice Springs?” Adam asks as he finally, almost reluctantly, pulls away, now staring at Tick in shock.

“I’ve got a gig – anyway, I need to get away from here for a while.”

Adam’s silent for all of five seconds before a big grin spread over his face.

“Oooh – what fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Alice Springs!”

Tick rolls his eyes, but Adam just starts giggling, and soon Tick’s grinning as well, tears temporarily forgotten.


The third time they kiss – it’s definitely not Adam’s fault, although Tick would say otherwise.

They’ve long left Coober Pedy behind them; Tick’s driving, and Bernadette and Bob are chatting in the back of the bus.

Adam’s sulking under Bernadette’s bed.

Bernadette’s angry with him, Tick can tell, and it scares him. He’s never seen her like this before, and it scares him that he could loose one of his few real friends so easily. When they stop, Tick stays in the driver’s seat for less than ten seconds before moving to the back of the bus.

He says something inane – some kind of apology – and then Tick’s eyes spark with wicked delight as he teases Adam, who just rolls his eyes. The younger man’s trying to glare, but he’s never been able to stay angry for long with anybody and especially not with Tick.

Adam doesn’t resist when Tick holds out a hand and pulls him up off the improvised sun-bed. When he’s standing, a bit unsteadily on the mattress, and Tick is still sitting on the edge, Mitz leans closer to Adam and then…stops.

Adam freezes, his eyes searching Tick’s and then Tick closes the gap, sealing their mouths together in the sweetest kiss Adam’s ever had.

And suddenly everything’s all right. Oh, the memories are still there, and he won’t be able to talk for a bit longer because his jaw hurts like all hell – but his jaw will heal and the memories will fade and he’s being held by Tick even though the kiss is long over. And, right now, Adam thinks that’s pretty bloody fantastic.


The fourth time happens in the lake Adam’s found. It’s a huge great thing, and the water – thank God they’re in bloody Australia and not somewhere in the Antarctic – is actually fairly warm. Warm enough for more than a quick dip, anyway.

Surrounded by water and his friends, Adam’s actually happy, completely and utterly – for once. It has a lot to do with Tick, again, and Adam wants to know just when his entire bloody world started revolving around the silly sod. But Tick’s beneath him, both of them trying to keep their balance in the water, and Tick’s arms wrap around Adam, pulling him closer.

When Adam slips and falls onto Tick, the older man just smiles gently up at him. Tick’s not conventionally gorgeous, by any means, but when he smiles…Adam can’t help himself, and he leans down, bridging the couple of inches left between them and brushes his lips over Tick’s, lapping his tongue over the other man’s mouth oh-so-briefly.

Tick pulls back and for one heart-stopping moment of complete fear, Adam thinks he’s ruined their friendship, because there’s no way that one can be passed off as an accident, or even just plain comfort. But Tick clambers to his feet, water sloughing off him, and holds out a hand and hauls Adam to his feet. They stand, way too close to each other but at the same time, Adam thinks, not close enough. Tick wraps his arms around Adam and holds him close in the water as the sun finishes its rise and Bob and Bernadette head back to the bus.


Abba aren’t really Adam’s favourite-ever group. Hell, the music’s fun as anything else to dance too, but it’s a bit of a cliché, really. Not that Adam minds, but it wears after a while.

Still, Benji wanted to see the Abba show, and if there’s one thing Mitzi and Felicia do better than anything else, it’s the Abba show. Judging by the crowd they’ve pulled in, mostly through word of mouth, they’re not the only ones to think so.

And it’s nice to see Tick so relaxed. The man’s changed completely since that day up on King’s Canyon, and Adam knows it’s all to do with the fact that the kid’s accepted his dad so completely. He wishes it had a little to do with him, though.

After the show, Tick corners Adam back-stage, still in his drag, but the wig’s disappeared completely. It’s probably on the floor somewhere, being trodden on, and Adam just knows it’s going to be up to him to find and fix it before Tick needs it next.

“Hey,” Tick says, stepping closer. He lifts one hand to Adam’s cheek and Adam scowls when he finds himself leaning into that touch. “I’m taking Benji out for ice cream to celebrate the first night.”

“That’s nice for you, darling,” Adam says, rolling his eyes. He’s already thinking up plans for the rest of his night when Tick leans in a little more.

“Come with us?” Tick asks, and Adam meets Tick’s eyes, watched them flick down to glance at his mouth before they’re fixed on his again.

“Yeah, okay,” Adam breathes against Tick’s lips at the other man leans in and finally – finally – kisses him properly.

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