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Title: Dancing in the Dark
Author: [personal profile] merry_gentry
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Femslash, Abby/Michelle Lee
Rating: PG/PG-13
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they do not belong to me. They do conjure up rather pretty images in one's mind, though, don't they? ^_^
Author's Notes: Written as a response to RedSnake05's prompt (on LJ): Abby/Michelle Lee, she had always wondered if there was more under that shy exterior. It's my first time writing femslash, but I hope it's okay. I was happy with it anyhow. It's set between seasons 3&4 when Gibbs is in Mexico, Tony's in charge of the team and no one quite knows which way to turn. None of that silly season 6 stuff, in other words.

First posted to LJ on 13th December 2008.

Summary: Most of the time, being Abby’s friend was the highpoint of Michelle’s day.

“Aww, c’mon. It’ll be fun.”

Which was, now she actually thought about it, the way Abby talked her into everything. And Michelle would put up a token protest, sigh and eventually give in. It was easier that way, and most of the ideas Abby cooked up were fun.

Mind you, just being around Abby was fun – when one of her machines hadn’t decided to go on strike for the day. Or when she hadn’t been reminded of certain people in absentia.

But most of the time, being Abby’s friend was the highpoint of Michelle’s day. It helped that, as the newest agent on the lead field team, Michelle was usually the one sent off to Abby’s lab for test results, if they weren’t needed urgently.

Sometimes, Michelle suspected that Agent DiNozzo knew how she felt about the lab and how Abby had the uncanny ability to cheer Michelle up out of her frequent insecure moods. It wasn’t like she had been trained for investigative work, after all. DiNozzo certainly seemed willing for Michelle to spend extra time away from her desk – but maybe that was because she was a visible reminder that the team was different. Abby seemed to be able to compartmentalise the two periods – During Gibbs and After Gibbs – most of the time. Agent DiNozzo…not so much.

Abby had told her that it was because Agent DiNozzo looked up to Gibbs and had relied on him “almost too much, but you can’t tell him I said that, okay?” From the looks Agent McGee and Officer David exchanged when they thought no one was looking, Michelle thought it might have been a bit more than reliance, at least on DiNozzo’s part.

The point was, Abby, for all the sugar and caffeine she consumed, made Michelle feel relaxed, and a lot more confident in her ability to do the job.

Which was probably why she said yes when Abby insisted on dragging her out to a club one Friday night. And it wasn’t the dancing – Michelle had no problems there.

But Abby had asked – and practically bounced with glee – and so Michelle had agreed, which was how she found herself standing in the doorway of Abby’s favourite club until the other girl pushed her forward.

“It’s cool – I’ll stick with you!” Abby shouted over the music, and Michelle let Abby grab her hand and drag her towards the bar. Michelle hadn’t been apprehensive, though. Rather, she had felt completely comfortable in her own skin for the first time since college, and she was trying not to show it.


And Abby, predictably, had noticed.

They all had their roles to play at NCIS in their little muddled family. Abby knew Tony and Ducky regarded her as an adored younger sister or daughter – both of them were certainly protective enough whenever she started up a new relationship. She and Tim had settled down into a pseudo-sibling/cousin relationship after the first eight months or so, and Abby liked it better that way – Tim was comfortable to be around, and Abby really didn’t want to ruin that.

Ziva was more difficult. Because she was still so relatively new to the team, Abby didn’t quite know how to regard her, but she thought it was probably a cousin or young aunt thing, most of the time. A cool aunt, though, especially when she was teaching Abby the cool stuff like how to throw a knife.

The Director didn’t even get a look in, and Gibbs was probably best left unsaid at the moment. Abby pouted at that thought and sipped her drink.

And Michelle…

Her pout turned into a grin with a slightly evil twist to it. Looks like Michelle was a lot more interesting than she let on at first glance. The younger woman was obviously fighting not to move to the music, and failing dismally. Abby knew why – but they were away from work now, and she was pretty certain that no one here would give a damn if Michelle let the metaphorical hair down for once.

Well, if it came to it, Abby was perfectly capable of forcing Michelle to live a little. It made life a little more fun, after all.

“Let’s dance!” Abby raised her voice to be heard over the music, and she didn’t wait for an answer before urging Michelle into the crowd on the dance floor. Michelle slammed back the rest of her drink in one swallow and followed obediently, her movements already looser as the music washed over them.

Abby had foregone wearing a pair of massive platforms tonight – which meant that Michelle came up to just above Abby’s shoulder level, instead of Abby towering above the other woman.


As Michelle lost herself in the music, she felt Abby crowd in closer, but paid it no mind, reasoning that it was probably the crowd pushing in around them. This – this was what she had missed since college. Always having to be the sensible one, the ‘good girl’, to get ahead at work where she knew most people still saw her as young and still learning the ropes…It felt good just to let everything go, and Michelle found herself grinning up at Abby, glad she had caved to Abby’s demands to come out for a night.

So when Abby leant down and pressed their mouths together in one swift movement, it didn’t even occur to Michelle to protest yet another thing that hadn’t happened since college. Abby pulled away and Michelle stared at her, standing completely still in the middle of the crowd as the strobe lights lit up Abby’s face again and again.


Abby could’ve kicked herself. It was one thing to try to make someone live a little more, but she had made it a point never to come onto her straight girlfriends since the last disastrous incident.

Her eyes widened, and she would have backed away except for the hand that latched onto her arm just above the spiked cuff.

“Michelle, I’m…” she began to say, but Michelle just used her grip to pull Abby down to her level, and she wrapped her other hand around the back of Abby’s neck to keep her still.

“It’s fine,” Michelle had to raise her voice to be heard, but compared to the music it was still practically a whisper. “Seriously.”

The younger woman grinned suddenly, eyes sparking in the flashing lights, and she stretched up to close the remaining distance between them both, licking across Abby’s bottom lip delicately before kissing her properly.

Abby moaned and shifted forward into the kiss, twisting her arm out of Michelle’s grip as she did so she could lace their fingers together.

When they broke apart this time, Abby licked her lips before leaning into Michelle so the other woman could hear her.

“Never expected this!”

Michelle laughed, her head thrown back, and Abby couldn’t resist pulling her into another kiss and swallowing that laughter as she did.

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